How to Blend in Hair Extensions With Your Own Straight Hair?

Our beautiful, durable and high quality hair extensions blend in with your own hair in a very natural manner. If your own hair is straight, we recommend taking the following steps to achieve a natural, unique look. You will need a regular, ceramic straightener and a hair brush. 

-Separate your hair into two parts. We recommend starting with the bottom layer to achieve an even result.

-Brush the part you will be straightening. This will make the straightening process easier and quicker and you will also see a more even result. 

-Grab your hair around the brush. Apply the straightener wherever your own hair ends and the extension begins. Straighten the two together by curling them inward, with the help of the brush. Do this around the whole bottom layer around your head. You’ll achieve the best result with a round, big brush. 

-Move on to the top layer of your hair. Grab a section of your hair and brush it first. Then, grab your top layer hair around the brush. Again, apply the straightener where you can see your own hair ends and the extensions begin. With the help of the brush, straighten and curl the hair inward smoothly. We recommend using a big, round brush to achieve the most natural result.

-Finally, go over the whole head - or specific parts - with the straightener to give the hair a smooth touch. You can now style your hair further if you wish, for instance, by straightening or curling them further.

After applying these easy techniques, it is virtually impossible to see where the extension begins and where your own hair ends! With these long-lasting high quality extensions you can easily create more volume, length and shine - just make sure to pick the colour closest to your natural hair.